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Prayers For Today

Are you struggling with what words to use when praying? Our Prayers for Today will help you to express yourself to Jesus. Each prayer we have prepared is meant as a guide. We encourage you to substitute what we have prepared into your own words. God looks at the sincerity of the heart while praying. If it is too hard to substitute the words and you pray with a sincere heart the Lord will hear you. It is up to God in His infinite wisdom in how He answers you.

When Overweight Sample Prayer

Lord Jesus thank you for the gift of life You gave me. Lord I acknowledge to You that my body is the temple of Your Holy Spirit. Lord I pray You will guide me in how to feed myself. As well I pray that the medical community around me will help me understand how my body works. I pray for your insight that I may loose the weight necessary so my body isn’t under excess stress. Lord it's my desire to live a healthy and productive life. At this time Jesus if there are heart issues I need to address I invite You to prune away what no longer fits in my life. I desire to be whole in You. I pray that You would be the true source of comfort to me. Thank you for the relationship I have found in You Jesus and the hope You provide me with in my life. Amen

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The Verse of the Day For
Friday, September 21, 2018

  • Bible Reading
  • 1 John 5:1
  • Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God; and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him.
  • NASB
  • Devotional Reflection Thought
  • Jesus thank you.
  • Name Of God
  • John 3:16
  • One Year Bible Reading Guide
  • Jeremiah 49 & 50
  • Bible Trivia Question
  • Category: Life of Samson
    Question: On his way to see the Philistine woman, Samson killed a ________.
    • Bear
    • Lion
    • Ram
    • Goat
    See Answer