Bible Trivia Bible Trivia questions to ground your faith in God's Word. 2018-10-22T03:41:02+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Ron Piggott 2018 <![CDATA[Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, was a mighty ________ before the Lord.]]> 2018-10-22T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-22T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What was the name of the Angel thrown out of Heaven?]]> 2018-10-21T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-21T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[The Lord likens mankind to ________ who have gone astray.]]> 2018-10-20T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-20T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who received the coat of many colors?]]> 2018-10-19T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-19T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[________ was taken to Shushan (Susa) along with many other beautiful maidens from all over the Persian Empire.]]> 2018-10-18T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-18T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[________ was full of wrath because Mordecai (the Jew) would not bow or give him reverence.]]> 2018-10-17T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-17T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[King Solomon's mother, Uriah's wife, was named ________.]]> 2018-10-16T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-16T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Name Abraham's son who was not born according to the promise of God?]]> 2018-10-15T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-15T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What is the Spirit of God compared to as it descends on Jesus?]]> 2018-10-14T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-14T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Naamon was told by the prophet Elisha to bathe in the Jordan river ________ times.]]> 2018-10-13T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-13T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[How many days did it take the Lord to create the world?]]> 2018-10-12T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-12T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[King David was called the Sweet ________ of Israel.]]> 2018-10-11T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-11T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Which gospel does not include Jesus' temptation for forty days in the desert?]]> 2018-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA["Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his _______________________."]]> 2018-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-09T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When Abraham lived in Gerar he disguised his wife by saying she was his sister.]]> 2018-10-08T00:00:00+00:00 2018-10-08T00:00:00+00:00 Ron Piggott