Bible Trivia For Kids Bible Trivia questions for kids is a fun way to teach children God's Word. 2017-08-20T11:25:46+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Ron Piggott 2017 <![CDATA[What king was known for his wealth and wisdom?]]> 2017-08-19T03:02:36+00:00 2017-08-19T03:02:36+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who climbed the sycamore-fig tree to see Jesus?]]> 2017-08-18T03:02:44+00:00 2017-08-18T03:02:44+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who make the Ark?]]> 2017-08-17T03:03:06+00:00 2017-08-17T03:03:06+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who was the father of King David?]]> 2017-08-16T03:01:58+00:00 2017-08-16T03:01:58+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who was Solomon's Mother?]]> 2017-08-15T03:03:48+00:00 2017-08-15T03:03:48+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Judas betayed Jesus in exchange for what?]]> 2017-08-14T03:03:37+00:00 2017-08-14T03:03:37+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What was painted on door frames to save the household from destruction of the firstborn during passover?]]> 2017-08-13T03:02:40+00:00 2017-08-13T03:02:40+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[How many commandments are there that God gave Moses on stone tablets?]]> 2017-08-12T03:03:25+00:00 2017-08-12T03:03:25+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[The rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to:]]> 2017-08-11T03:03:37+00:00 2017-08-11T03:03:37+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who cut Samson's hair so he would lose his strength?]]> 2017-08-10T03:02:38+00:00 2017-08-10T03:02:38+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who was thrown into the Lion's Den in the Old Testament?]]> 2017-08-09T03:03:15+00:00 2017-08-09T03:03:15+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What did David use to kill Goliath?]]> 2017-08-08T03:04:36+00:00 2017-08-08T03:04:36+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Were all of Jesus's Disciples fishermen?]]> 2017-08-07T03:02:54+00:00 2017-08-07T03:02:54+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who did God create first?]]> 2017-08-06T03:02:06+00:00 2017-08-06T03:02:06+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What are names of "The Four Gospels?"]]> 2017-08-05T03:02:30+00:00 2017-08-05T03:02:30+00:00 Ron Piggott