Bible Trivia For Kids Bible Trivia questions for kids is a fun way to teach children God's Word. 2018-10-17T16:31:02+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Ron Piggott 2018 <![CDATA[What did prophet Elisha tell Naman to do to cure his leprosy?]]> 2018-10-16T03:04:04+00:00 2018-10-16T03:04:04+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When Naomi's sons died, the only family she had was her two daughter's-in-law. Which one stayed with her?]]> 2018-10-14T03:02:55+00:00 2018-10-14T03:02:55+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[How many days did it rain while Noah was on the ark?]]> 2018-10-13T03:02:55+00:00 2018-10-13T03:02:55+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Why was Daniel thrown in the Lion's Den?]]> 2018-10-12T03:02:55+00:00 2018-10-12T03:02:55+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who make the Ark?]]> 2018-10-11T03:03:00+00:00 2018-10-11T03:03:00+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who was thrown into the Lion's Den in the Old Testament?]]> 2018-10-10T03:03:47+00:00 2018-10-10T03:03:47+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Did God really know you before you were born?]]> 2018-10-09T03:12:09+00:00 2018-10-09T03:12:09+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Which disciple was a doctor?]]> 2018-10-08T03:03:14+00:00 2018-10-08T03:03:14+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who wrote The Gospel of Matthew?]]> 2018-10-07T03:03:57+00:00 2018-10-07T03:03:57+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[When God created the world what did He hid make 2nd?]]> 2018-10-06T03:03:47+00:00 2018-10-06T03:03:47+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Which of the follow names was a disciple of Jesus?]]> 2018-10-05T03:03:14+00:00 2018-10-05T03:03:14+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who climbed the sycamore-fig tree to see Jesus?]]> 2018-10-04T03:02:54+00:00 2018-10-04T03:02:54+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[What three men were thrown in the fiery furnace in the book of Daniel?]]> 2018-10-03T03:03:50+00:00 2018-10-03T03:03:50+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Judas betayed Jesus in exchange for what?]]> 2018-10-02T03:08:22+00:00 2018-10-02T03:08:22+00:00 Ron Piggott <![CDATA[Who said, "Allow the little children to come to me, and don't hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."?]]> 2018-09-30T03:03:14+00:00 2018-09-30T03:03:14+00:00 Ron Piggott