Sin Is Serious

Reflections on The Law of Moses (Old covenant) required a blood sacrifice to satisfy the holiness of God. Based mostly on Hebrews 9


Verse 3 - We think of murder, stealing and adultery, etc. but in God's eye's sin is sin - all the same - they are ALL, serious and separate you from God.

It used to be God was only approachable with a sacrifice of blood offered by the priest (the mediator before Jesus) 9:15 in the Holy place (1st room), where only the Priest could go on your behalf. This was a dark place - only lit for the Priest's by the golden candlestick. Hebrews 9:2 Sin required spilled blood to remind people how important sin is to God.

The Holy of Holies was the second room, entered only once a year by the Priest to go in and offer a sacrificial blood offering for all the sins of all the people (including himself), that they may have forgotten about, didn't realize was a sin, hid from, acknowledge, etc. This second room was also the place where the Arc of the Covenant was kept and the Mercy Bench (sometimes called the footstool of God), to signify God sat and stayed close to His people.


We can live with or do with a lot of things - especially for a short period of time - BUT - blood is the ONE thing we cannot live without - it is also pure, we are made pure in the blood of Christ, blood lets the purities in and impurities out, (medically speaking). The life of the flesh is in the blood. It is talked about 12 times in this chapter alone - blood is very important. The blood the high priest sprinkled in the holy of holies did not redeem anyone (old covenant) - if it did there would be no need for Jesus' death - (new covenant 9:15)


Remember the Holy of Holies - I mention it again because it required the sacrificial blood of an unblemished animal. verses 14 - The blood of Jesus may be 100% man but it was also 100% God - and perfect. He overcame temptation and remained sinless, He was unblemished, pure and spotless, Verse 12, when he was crucified once and for all (voluntarily) - that's how we say can know we don't have to do anything else. He spilled out every single drop he had and held nothing back, out of His great love for us. He could've called ten thousand angel's - but he didn't. He has already given everything he had, including his spotless life. WE HAVE ETERNAL REDEMPTION - and can't be bought back (or plucked out of his hand). It is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think of the old slave auctions - and someone bought you and removed your shackles, (like Jesus did for us) , how would you respond to this man who bought you and freed you? Wouldn't you want to serve him? Isn't that what should be in our heart??? Do we do it enough? Do we think about it? Do we really realize how important and dramatic and painful (physically and emotionally for Father and Son) this really was?


The Lamb of God was the fulfillment of the Old Testament types and figures. When he went to Calvary and offered His own blood for redemption of the world - The curtain that separated the 1st room from the holy of holies was torn when Christ died - symbolizes we are now redeemed, once and for all. no more sacrifices.

Through His shed blood we can serve the LIVING God who freed us - as they are a trinity!!! (Also; remember the Fathers pain of sending his son for such an ungrateful people) - sometimes the pain is more than we think we can take, for the sacrifice of growing the kingdom - As Jesus didn't hold back even a drop of blood, we can give it all up too and rely on the King of Kings . This act frees us to free others to serve and to keep adding to the Book Of Life! The full circle - the complete plan.


Contributed By: Julie Robinson

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