New Every Morning

It's not just a verse, not just a comfort, but a promise from the creator Himself.

Start each day, no matter how bad your affliction, by thanking Him for one more day. You may not feel like that's a big deal. Maybe you don't even want one more day. I've been there too and at times still struggle with this as well. But the truth is, if He allows us another day here on earth, away from Him then it must be important and worthy of making everything we can out of the day.

Make a difference!

  • Touch a person - even if it's just with a smile or kind word.
  • Take a little time to know Him better so we can be more like Him. Honestly if you stop to think about it - if we we're doing everything, every day that we have been instructed to do, we wouldn't have time to mumble or groan.
  • Pray without ceasing; that right there is a tall ordered.
  • Lift each other up. Do this at least once a day. There are hurting people all around you. In the church, the store, the bus, employees, employers, even pastor's and their wives. Think outside the box and lift someone up every day.
  • Help an elderly person get in their car or load their groceries in the car for them.
  • Study the Word.
  • Bury the word in your heart like a treasure. Memorize it.
  • Forgive. It's sometimes hard to do.
  • Feed the homeless
  • Love the unloved
  • Raise your children the way should go
  • Spending time with someone shows you love them.
  • Communicate with your spouse, children and family. Family is important. Jesus has talked many times about it. Learn how to edify, love, help and teach each other.
  • Have you asked some today, "If they are sure they're going to heaven should something happen tomorrow?" This is a thing we should often do.
  • Doing God's duty (which is our first duty) and then family duty (which is our second duty). Raising children, visiting grandparents, etc. Doing a good job at work (It's our third duty), Display character so people want to know what you have, which is Jesus and a saving knowledge.
  • These are all time consuming and tall orders and commands God has given us. There are many more things on our "to do" list for each day. Cleaning, doctor appointments, visits, neighbourhood functions, vacations, etc.

There is so much for to us to be going about doing that is positive and a command in Scripture. We need to let go of grumbling and complaining. The job Christ poured out his life for is showing His unconditional love to those He has put into our lives. He asks for so little compared to Him giving His all on the cross. We are challenged to accept Him. Then the fruit of Him in our lives will grow and become a part of what we want to do.

Your salvation isn't based on works. You can't earn your eternal destiny. If you're truly saved (I encourage you to check your heart and know this for sure) you will want to do works and produce fruit from the joy you have experienced. This spreads the good news as your life reflects the Gospel.

If twelve men can reach an entire globe through the generation then you can reach more than you will ever realize. Your reward will be building up in Heaven for your home coming. What a joy it will be to see the people whom you impacted for Jesus Christ your Saviour. What a blessed day that will be. The days we are alive are also blessed, even though we are strangers and not of this world. Make good use of them my friends. Amen

Contributed By: Julie Robinson

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