In ballroom dance, we learn choreographed routines. We know what step follows the last, when to turn, when to kick, etc. But yet, the follower still has to wait on the leader's lead. I cannot stress how important this is and how difficult, especially for an independent woman like me!

When us followers don't wait, we ruin the beauty and flow of the whole dance and we can get ahead of our leaders. We look off balance, we're not in sync with the music and the fluidity of the dance as it's intended, is lost. Even though I "know" what the next step is, I still have to wait for my leader to let me go. He gives the direction and the cue in perfect timing with the music. For me not to wait is a sign that I know better and don't trust my leader to guide my next step.

So, let's relate this to our faith walk.

What happens when we don't wait for God? Just ask Abraham and Sarah! God, the creator of heaven and earth, the One who formed each and every one of us uniquely in our mother's womb, knows what He's doing. We only know what we've learned; the choreographed steps so to speak. We don't know what He knows or see what He foresees. Why, then, is it so hard to wait on God's timing? Do we not trust him? Do we think we know better because we've rehearsed our steps a thousand times and can anticipate the outcome?

Maybe God wants us to take a different step. Maybe God wants to change our direction. Maybe God has something planned for us that is greater than any outcome we can practice or anticipate! Being patient and waiting on God's hand to lead us isn't easy. But with the guiding of the Holy Spirit it's possible. We just need to grab God's hand and wait - basking in the grace and fluidity of the dance He has choreographed for each and every one of His followers. That's you, that's me ... start the music and wait.

Contributed By: Jayne Fenimore

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