Who Is God?

Many people today don't know God. Some call Him "the universe," others merely acknowledge a higher power, and some don't believe in Him at all.

God is indeed a complex being. He isn't natural, He's supernatural; therefore He exists beyond the scope of human constraint. He is omnipresent and omnipotent. He's everywhere in the universe at the same time. He hears all prayers in every language, and answers every prayer in His language of love. Unlike us, He keeps every promise He's ever made. He controls the waters and the skies and He peers into the heart of every human being. He is merciful and just. He created and He can destroy.

Many may reject God simply because they don't know Him. Let me introduce you to the God that I know.

As a father looks lovingly down at his newborn baby, hopes and dreams for this child begin to stir. The father loves this child with all his heart. He wants nothing but the best for this little baby he holds in his hands. He dreams of a day when he and this little creation of his can walk and talk together in a beautiful relationship. He intends to be a part of the child's life forever.

As the child grows older, he becomes less and less dependent on the father. He begins to question dad's rules and he becomes rebellious. As he reaches his teens, he does the unthinkable - he runs away and gets arrested. The father is heartbroken. "All the love I poured into this boy and this is how he shows his gratitude? He must be punished!" The mother intercedes and the father relents at first. But disappointment turns to anger and the father burns with wrath. He won't completely destroy his creation but he must discipline him. He wants nothing more than to restore relationship with his son but now, both have to work through hurt, repentance and grace.

This is the God I know - He's a Father pursuing His wayward children ... a Father who can't be, won't be, refuses to be, forgotten. You see, this Father loves His children so much that in order to restore relationship with them, HE did the unthinkable. He laid down his only Son as a sacrifice for our rebellion and sin. He went to the ultimate extreme to get us back.

So, my friends, I'll end the story now. I hope you now know God a little better than you did before. But don't take my word - get to know Him yourself. The door is open - Dad's waiting for you to come home.

Contributed By: Jayne Fenimore

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