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Daily Devotion

Monday June 10th 2024

Bible Verse For Today

  • Romans 13:9 For this, "You shall not commit adultery, you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not covet," and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no wrong to a neighbor; love therefore is the fulfillment of the law. [ NASB ]

Name Of God For Today

  • Master [ See Colossians 4:1 ]

Devotional Reflection Thought For Today

  • Lord my life is a love letter to you.

Bible Trivia Question For Today

  • How many spies were sent into the promised land by Joshua to spy out Jericho?
    1. 2
    2. 6
    3. 12
    4. 13

    Correct Answer: #1

One Year Bible Reading Guide For Today

  • 2 Kings 21, 22 & 23; Ecclesiastes 11

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