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Grandparents Raising Children

Jesus when You were here on earth You showed love to everyone You spoke with. You lived by example Jesus. Everything You said You lived. Lord Jesus I bring my grandchild before Your throne of grace today. Lord as I have lived my life I have learned along the way. Help me to teach this child Your ways of love and grace. Jesus teach me when it is time to correct and the times I am simply to commit his / her situations to You and trust You will work it out.
Help us to communicate Lord. Help me to be approachable when he / she needs someone to talk to. I pray Your peace would reign over our household.
Most of all Lord help this child to enter into a love relationship with You. I pray this would be a relationship with You that will stand the test of test.
Lord would you bring times of refreshing to me so I am strengthened daily by Your Holy Spirit? Thank you for how You work in our house hold Lord and Your grace which has covered the past difficulties.

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