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Raising A Strong Willed Child

Lord Jesus thank you for the gift of life you gave to me many years ago. Lord I had such a vast amount of emotions, but was grateful for Your helping hand through my child’s early years. Lord again I am coming to You for support and direction. I pray for Your help in raising my child. I pray for Your precious direction, wisdom and insight that will see us through this time. Jesus I pray You would focus my attention to how I may help my child develop into someone who loves You and will passionately pursue You. Lord I pray You will bring the resources needed to help set boundaries and to care for this child with your hand leading this process. Jesus I lay my frustrations down at the foot of Your cross. Help me to keep my eyes focused on You during the challenging times. Help me to celebrate the achievements with my child as he/she grows into an adult. I bless Your name Lord Jesus. Amen

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