Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you choose which Bible verses are included?

  • The Bible verses I use are a combination of both N.I.V. and N.A.S.B. The reason I took this approach is that I do not want to take scripture out of context. In preparing a verse of the day e-mail list I compare these two translations to see when verses are read outside of the chapter in the Bible where they occur to see if they are still honouring to God's Word and not creating a new doctrine. Then I try to evaluate which of the two translations seems to reflect understandable speech in today's culture so that both a child, adolescence, adult and senior citizen could be both encouraged and challenged by the Biblical text and apply it to their life.

How do you handle undeliverable e-mail?

  • When a subscribers verse of the day e-mail is returned to us as undeliverable for five consecutive days or a total of five days out of seven we suspend the subscribers account. If we aren't contacted within thirty days the account is closed. Please keep your e-mail address current if you switch e-mail providers.

How much does The Verse of the Day cost to subscribe?

  • We offer The Verse of the Day as a free devotional resource so all may have access to the daily devotional message. If you would like to make a donation please read these details. The Verse of the Day may also be financially supported through purchases made with our online store.

I am a pastor overseas and don't have routine Internet access.

  • Pastors who live overseas are welcome to subscribe. A cell phone edition of our daily devotion is available. When checking your e-mail, even if it is just a few times a month, may print off several editions of The Verse of the Day to bring encouragement to both yourself and your congregation members. You may be able to pool your resources within a network of pastors: Someone who does have Internet access could subscribe to the daily e-mail and be in charge of printing it and then circulate the print outs among several pastors.

I would like to receive The Verse of the Day, but I don't have Internet access at home.

  • As long as you have an e-mail address you may subscribe to The Verse of the Day. The daily e-mail will be waiting for you when you are able to check your e-mail. You must use the same subscription process, signing up for The Verse of the Day and then confirming your e-mail address with the validation link we e-mail out when subscribing.

What e-mail address is The Verse of the Day sent from?

  • The daily e-mail is sent from todays.message @ This e-mail address should be added to your list of safe e-mail addresses, so the daily e-mail won't end up in your spam or junk mail folder.

When will I receive The Verse of the Day?

  • You will receive your initial Verse of the Day within minutes of signing up. The daily e-mail will then be sent at the time you specified when completing your registration. To change your time of day preference please login to your Member Services account.

Why didn't I receive my Verse of the Day e-mail today?

  • Free e-mail providers process a lot of spam each day. To protect their equipment they carefully screen incoming e-mails for spam. During the screening process some e-mails are placed in the recipients bulk or junk mail folder. This is an indication it is suspicious of being spam, but the computer program screening incoming e-mails couldn't determine this for sure. If the senders web host has developed a reputation for sending spam some legtimate e-mails are refused to be delivered and sent back to their origin, with an e-mail giving instructions on how to be removed from a poor reputation of spamming. This problem is more common amoung a shared web site hosting company. If your daily e-mail was returned to us because it was considered spam we address this with our hosting company. While working through the process to clear the hosting company of spammer status you may use our web site to read the daily e-mail. To lesson the likelyhood of this happening to you ensure the e-mail address which sends The Verse of the Day is in your address book as one of your contacts which tells your e-mail provider you are expecting e-mail from us or subscribe to The Verse of the Day with an e-mail address provided by your Internet provider or employer and avoid free e-mail providers.

Why is Hotmail delivering The Verse of the Day to my Junk Mail folder?

  • The Verse of the Day needs to be specified as a safe contact. Please follow these directions to correct this problem. The e-mail address we use to send The Verse of the Day from is

Why isn't the hour I would like to receive my Verse of the Day e-mail an option?

  • We are limited in the number of e-mails per hour we may send before we increase our web site hosting package. Please choose from one of the available hours when subscribing or maintaining your subscription. All available hours are displayed in EST. We routinely monitor when our subscribers are receiving their Verse of the Day in an effort to effectively use our web site hosting privileges.

Why was there no option to contribute to the Verse of the Day blog?

  • You are allowed to contribute up to three blog posts per day.