Life's Questions

How do I know if God is releasing me into His ministry?

When the Lord God calls someone into ministry He supplies their tangible needs in order to fulfill His calling. If you are sensing a call to ministry on your life the Lord will bring you through a time of preparation and equip you with what is needed to be both a leader and a servant in the body of Christ.

The key is to continually seek the Lord's direction in the ministry He is calling you to serve in. The Lord will faithfully provide for what He has commissioned. It is crucial you let go of your own agenda and seek the Lord's direction. Without seeking the Lord's direction you will be operating on your own strength and begin to experience turmoil in your personal life.

If you are struggling to know the Lord's direction in your life sincerely praying "Jesus I yield myself to You. Help me to be a vessel of Your love." will begin changing your circumstances. Yielding yourself to the Lord for His purpose places Him as the Lord over your entire life. Regardless of past struggle, failure or short comings the Lord will redeem your situation for His glory.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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