Life's Questions

I am really struggling after experiencing unexpected health challenges.

I've had my share of ups and downs over the treatment for my hip disease. It is a major adjustment to go from living your life and then all of the sudden your life changes and having to re-learn how to do almost everything. This is what happened to me when I lost my mobility again in 2006. It can be over come. When you are re-learning how to live never under estimate the value of "baby steps" and take time to celebrate the things you are able to do.

When you are facing health challenges the goals you set for yourself can be adjusted. Sometimes things take longer than expected. It is important to think about it this way. It isn't a failure if you don't complete a goal by a certain time frame. You are still working towards the goal and because the effort needed to complete it is so great it will be all the sweeter when you do finish what you are working on.

I am in the crazy situation that the recovery from my 2015 surgery was expected to be 4 months. Then it was changed to 8 months. Now it has been changed again to a year plus 8 months. I've been thankful for what else I've been able to do during this season of my life that I would not have otherwise been able to accomplish. I get a lot of joy playing with the youth in the swimming pool while I do my physiotherapy. I bet if you look there is a silver lining to this that will bring you a whole lot of joy. It could be as simple as having the time to reflect on your life and finding a new direction to take.

I get that going through surgery and the healing process makes people feel vulnerable. We are reminded of how fragile life is. Medical treatment isn't suppose to be an end in and of itself. It is so you can live your life. Sometimes we experience setbacks and the treatment needed takes on a life of it's own. I've been this route. The three surgeries I had between 2007 and 2009 to restore my mobility utterly failed and put me in a wheelchair. Now I've had both my hip joints replaced and I am still in a wheelchair.

But I am here kicking around and doing my thing. I wouldn't choose this life for myself. But I am in the situation. I can't circumvent it. I am trying to make the best of it. Besides the swimming pool I learned how to wire solar panels and purchased 6 for my home in 2014. I had a buddy install them on the roof for me after I prepared all the wiring. This years major goal is changing the thermostat on (2) chest freezers so I can use each one either as a refrigerator or a freezer. Then I can ditch my dying refrigerator next week. Using a chest freezer for a refrigerator uses much less electricity. It is taking a step towards my ultimate goal of going off the electrical grid.

I know time is needed to grieve when your health fails. Sometimes there is even an extra "speed bump" when extra steps are needed during the medical treatment. I realize it makes a person feel weak and vulnerable going through these things. We weren't meant to do life alone. Share your burden with friends you trust or your online social network. You'll be surprised who will take an interest in you and offer support as you work to improve your situation. If you look at Jesus He had three disciples He was especially close to and leaned on during His earthly ministry.

Personally I get very weak every evening before going to bed for night. I don't have near the endurance I once experienced. I have a whole bunch of concerns I am dealing with related to my own medical treatment. Some how this will all work out in the end. Those who have endured hardship will become a stronger man or woman for having faced adversity. You will become a rock for your peers as they face their own challenges.

We all need support. If you will pray to the Lord Jesus to send you both comfort and encouragement He will answer. Something very special will transpire. The Lord is near those who are broken and confess their need for Him. He hasn't forgot about you in your present situation.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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