Life's Questions

How may I be used by God more?

1. Humbly pray inviting God to use you:
Making yourself available to God is an extention of the relationship you have nurtured with Him.

2. Submit to Him as He changes you:
This is so you are effective in sharing Christ's love without your own brokenness being a stumbling block to others.

If you are in the work force:
God is able to use you more is by speaking words of encouragement and hope to your colleagues and customers. Also be someone who is available to listen without judging to those who need someone to confide in. This is a form of Jesus' love and compassion in action.

If you are in ministry:
Commit to faithfully studying God's Word for yourself. Your ministry will be like a well flowing out of you. Don't loose sight of of the life giving words we find in Scripture as the foundation for life.

Prepared By: Ron Piggott

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