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January 6th 2019 at 1:48 pm

Hi Everyone

As I indicated a few days ago I started sewing the bibs for the young adult in the community where I live. This is going very well. I've had to stop because of my physical disability flaring up. I didn't want to waste time. I've just enabled the new e-mail queue to begin sending your Verse of the Day e-mail subscriptions.

E-mail is a tricky thing to send. The vast majority of e-mail providers have setup spam filters. What is defined as a 'spam' e-mail is different from business to business. For the time being I am going to use the 'from' e-mail address of . It is advisable that each of you add this e-mail address to your list of contacts. This will give you the best chance of the e-mail being delivered. When I go to change this I will contact each of you with the revised e-mail address.

I am receiving conflicting information for our subscribers with "Yahoo" e-mail addresses. The mail log says it is not being sent but my test e-mail was delivered. There is a change I can make that will reduce the chances of triggering the warning I received. I will endeavor to program this on Monday or Tuesday, depending on my body. If you have a 'Yahoo' e-mail address and aren't receiving our e-mail please use the web edition while I attempt to address this.

I also periodically receive complaints of people not wanting to receive The Verse of the Day because they haven't subscribed. In reality this has been forwarded to them by one of their contacts. I can appreciate the frustration of unwanted e-mails.

  • If you are regularly forwarding The Verse of the Day onto your contacts please invite them to subscribe.
  • Alternatively there is the web edition anyone may use day or night
  • If anyone does make this request going forward I programmed an option within the queue to black list e-mail addresses

If anyone has questions or concerns for me please ask. I am trying to make the transition easy.

Ron Piggott

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