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November 22nd 2019 at 1:33 am

To The Subscribers Of The Verse of the Day

Several years ago I began developing a web site specifically dedicated to the Lordship of Jesus in the context of Christmas:

I want to begin by offering any of the content you find on this web site for use at your church or para church organization.

The ongoing treatment for my physical disability has limited the time I've had to put into this. I would like to ask for your help expanding this. If you have something you are able to contribute please contact me. The types of things I'm thinking of can be described as:

  • Short (5 to 6) thought provoking sentences themed around Christmas, fellowship and / or Jesus birth
  • What Christmas means to you
  • Recipes to share in the context of building community or encouraging fellowship
  • Christmas themed anagrams
  • Poetry
  • Photographs of how your church is decorated for Christmas

Ron Piggott

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