One Year Bible Reading Guide

  • February 26th 2020 Edition: Leviticus 13, 14 & 15
    The Lord is continuing to teach Moses and Aaron (and in turn the Israelites) how to live in holiness. Explicit instructions are spoke to them by the Lord about skin related illnesses. The priests (that is Aaron and his sons) play a vital role in determining the severity of the skin disease. They declare an Israelite clean or unclean based on the Lord's criteria. Those who become unclean are to live outside the camp of the Israelites. They are also to alert others when coming near to them that they are unclean. The Lord next teaches Moses and Aaron about defiling molds. The priests play a vital role in assessing the sanitation of cloth which contains defiling mold. They pronounce cloth as clean or unclean. To protect the Israelites cloth which persists in being infected is destroyed, after initially being separated from the community. The Lord provides Moses explicit instructions concerning defiling skin diseases the priests must oversee and the Israelites adhere to. With the hope the person affected by a skin disease will heal the Lord provides directions on how to become clean again. The appropriate sacrifices are also given, including an alternative for those who who suffering financially. The Lord is preparing Moses, Aaron and the Israelites for when they enter Canaan. Directions are given to protect the Israelites for mold that appears in a house. It is the priest's job to assess the mold and direct the efforts to cleanse the house from the defiling mold. Discharges from both a man and woman's body causes them to become unclean. Directions on becoming clean are provided for the health of the entire Israelite community. The motivation in keeping unclean things separate from the main community is to prevent death.