One Year Bible Reading Guide

  • March 16th 2020 Edition: Luke 5 & 6; Psalms 25
    Luke 5 & 6 Summary: Jesus next chooses His disciples. In the process of fishing Jesus sees Simon, James and John. He instructs them to fish with their net in a specific way. When they have a full net Simon knows there has been Heavenly intervention and realizes Jesus is the son of God. In this realization Simon acknowledges himself as a sinner. Yet Jesus, with great compassion, responds that they will be catching people. In Jesus ministry He now heals a man with leprosy. Jesus feeling the need to recharge withdrew to a quiet setting and spent time in prayer with His Heavenly Father. Jesus authority to heal through the forgiveness of sins is established when a paralysed man's mobility is restored. Jesus adds Levi to His disciples. In doing so He proclaims His unconditional love of sinners. Next Jesus teaches on fasting making it clear this practice needs to be done for a deeper relationship with the Living God and not to appear religious before the people in your daily life. Jesus affirms the Sabbath, that is taking a day of rest. This is the mirror image of God the Father in the creation of the world. Jesus withdraws with His twelve disciples as He begins to equip them for the gospel to continue beyond His crucifixion. In Jesus public teaching He shares what it is to be blessed. At the same time He cautions those who pursue earthly gain. Jesus challenges us to love our enemies and not to judge those who hurt us or act in a way we find detestable. The true measure of testing someones motivation is by their actions. Psalms 25 Summary: Learning to trust and have faith in God challenges us in the root of our being. Placing our faith in God restores weariness and brings a fulfilling life. Through humbly seeking the Lord the foundation of a believer's life is established.