One Year Bible Reading Guide

  • March 25th 2021 Edition: Luke 21 & 22; Psalms 33
    Luke 21 & 22 Summary: We may take comfort in knowing Jesus sees the things we do for Him and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Such an example is of the widow living in poverty who sacrificed to support the Temple. It brings great joy to the Lord when we do for others without bringing attention to our self. Jesus continues to teach on the end times so we are prepared in knowing what will be happening on the earth during this time in mankind's history. Our faith will see us through these difficult times. The time has come for Jesus love for humanity to shine through His crucifixion, conquering death and rising again to many witnesses. Judas agrees to betray Jesus in exchange for money. In doing so Judas shows the state of his heart. Jesus gathers the disciples and eats what has become known as "The Last supper". During this crucial time Jesus continues to teach His disciples so they are equipped when He is crucified. Jesus continues to rely on the strength God the Father gives Him. He heads to the Mount of Olives to spend time with His Heavenly Father in prayer. God the Father provides Jesus with an Angel while He prays to strengthen Him to face His crucifixion and glorify His Heavenly Father. Through Judas signal Jesus is arrested. His guards begin to mock Him. Jesus is sent to stand before Pilate and Herod. He continues to remain loyal to His Heavenly Father. Psalms 33 Summary: This is a Psalm of praises to the Lord. When we struggle to understand how God is involved in our lives this Psalm provides an excellent starting point. The joy of the Lord renews weariness. We are reminded that God is Lord over all creation. Through our hope in God we will find comfort.