One Year Bible Reading Guide

  • March 26th 2020 Edition: Deuteronomy 1, 2 & 3
    The Israelite people have feld Egypt. With Moses leading the Lord is directing the Israelites to move on from Horeb to inherit the land the Lord promised when He sent Moses to Egypt to confront Pharaoh. In preparing to move camp Moses establishes leaders from those who are respected among the Israelites. These leaders are to moderate the disputes and problems arising from the Israelites. Moses is now able to focus on leading the Israelites with these helpers carrying the burden of daily life. Moses sends spies to check out the land the Lord is giving them. When the spies return with a favourable report the Israelites rebel against God in fear. They haven't fully put their trust in God. In their rebellion the Lord judges that this generation won't enter the Promised land. Instead Moses will raise up Joshua in preparation for the next generation to enter into the Promised land. The Israelites begin to wonder in the desert. The Lord continues to equip Moses on how to lead the Israelites during their stay in the desert. The Lord won't allow the Israelite people to conquer land He has given to the descends of Esau. However the Israelites defeat Sihon King of Heshbon for his lack of obedience to the living God in his dealings with the Israelites. As the Lord directions His people towards Bashan the king of this land intercepts their travel with his army. The Israelites are victories in this battle thanks to God's hand of protection. With the Lord's wisdom Moses assigns leaders to the land conquered. Through this Joshua's faith in the Lord is built up. Moses sees the Promised land, but isn't allowed to enter it. Moses instead is preparing Joshua to lead the next generation of the Israelite people into it. The Israelites stay in the valley near Beth Peor.