Sunday School Lesson Outlines

The Great Commandment

    Top Priority: The most important thing in an individuals life

    • Mark 12:29-31 "God is the only one"
    • Colossians 1:18 "God is the first in everything"

    To have Passion involves making sacrifices.
    Can people see this sacrificial passion for God in your life? Maybe you passed up a promotion because it would of taken you out of town away from your family and church. Or maybe it would add stress to a marriage you've committed to work on. Maybe you're a mom who made the decision to be a “stay at home” mom and not worry about keeping up with Jones. According to John 16:13A, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to make these correct choices and keep the great commandment in front of us to see.

    I don't know if people see this passion in me.
    I know they see a genuine Christian, with a sturdy family foundation, an honest work ethic, etc. But do they see the passion burning in me to do the will of God? Am I a positive person? Do I smile in the midst of adversity or trial? Do I impact the kingdom? I'm not saying I want to be noticed or receive a pat on the back, but I have to wonder if my motives are so pure that they are not only noticeable but moving.

    Study the following scriptures:

    • Joshua 22:5 Teaches us God did His part. He expects us to Love emotionally.
    • Psalm 42:2 Psychologically
    • Isaiah 26:2 All the time (build nations)
    • Romans 12:1 Love physically and sacrificially

    I want my words to comfort a stranger or an orphan, a battered spouse or someone who just lost their job, or to make a difference in molding a teenager's life.
    It is with passion that we can minister. Love = time. Not only to young people but to everyone if they're honest and sincere with God. John 3:14 and John 4:20 teaches saints (that's us) to have the purpose and power to love sinners.

    I asked a friend one day what she did when things just weren't going right; when schedules where colliding, bickering was starting, etc.
    Like your life was starting to go out of control or you're missing something. The answer was so profoundly simple - go straight away and find the first person you meet and ask them if they need help, would like to have lunch, or need a lift. Perhaps they have something they needed to get done at home. Do they have all the medicine, blankets and clothes they need? Just tell them God told me to ask you. Go and help - take the focus off you and put it on God and his commandment to love everyone, (so important he said it twice). Get in the program to touch lives, and save lives! When you lose the vision of God being #1; it's time to help his children and see his path light up again in your life.

    There is a quality Christian book by Cami Walker called "29 Gifts - How A Month Of Giving Can Change YOUR Life" it's chuck full of ideas and little stories. Just who might need you to intervene in their life?

    Created By Julie Robinson

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