Carlos Bayona from Delaware, United States

  • I'm very glad to received The Verse of the Day every morning, it help me to focus on what God have for me today. I personal thank you and pray for you. God keep blessing you. In Jesus name Amen
    June 15th 2012  2:44 pm

James Gerald from Bangalore, India

  • It has influenced me a lot, I liked the way it is presented brief and smart, for a quick read before you begin work/day
    June 15th 2012  2:21 pm

Justin Chifumba from South-East Botswana Africa

  • The Verse of the Day ministry has helped me to stay close with God's word (the Bible) as each morning, I get something to inspire and uplift my soul to the unfolded day. It is really a life changing place. Keeping on working for the Lord Ron. You bless our hearts in a big way.
    June 15th 2012  2:18 pm

Pastor Frank from Dansville, New York, United States

  • It is like gas in a car, it helps me to get going each day.
    June 15th 2012  5:21 am

John Ndlovu from Boksburg, South Africa

  • Thanks very much for doing the wonderful work of the Lord Jesus Christ.<br /> The daily scripture is real a changing life experience. Every evening we read the verse as a family and all share our understanding and discuss.<br /> It also help me as a reminder when I did not ready the Bible during the day.<br />
    June 15th 2012  4:39 am

Caroline Ashwod from Wales, United Kingdom

  • The Verse of the Day has been a great encouragement to me over the years, I went through a horrid time a while back and a time when it was hard to pray. Reading the Verse was like slowly released love just gently reminding me there is always hope, so very often when I am mulling over things the Verse confirms these thoughts and this year to receive my Birthday gift meant the world to me - I know it was just an e-mail with a Psalm but it's in my room at work and it made me feel like I was the apple of HIS eye, like I'm not forgotten!
    June 15th 2012  12:00 am

Cindy Marriner from Location Unknown

  • Thank you for all the work you do for this site in the name of our Lord. God bless you!
    June 15th 2012  12:00 am

Erma Thorne from South Carolina, United States

  • It is usually what I need for that day. Lifts my spirits and gives me the strength I need for each day.
    April 15th 2010  7:15 pm

Trish from Australia

  • As I use my computer every day, beginning with an email-check during breakfast, it's been such a boost to my time with the Lord to have this little piece of God's Word presented to me. Usually it starts a thought upon which I'll reflect throughout the day. On the days when I fail to sit down with my Bible and spend quality time with the Lord because I mistakenly think I'm too busy, I'm thankful for <i>The Verse Of The Day</i> for helping to keep me consciously connected to Christ.
    April 15th 2010  5:59 pm

Tony Copple <a href="http://alpha.ncf.ca/prison.html">Prison Alpha Advisor</a> from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Verse of the day is like an angelic touch every morning. In the midst of the world of commerce and the business of life I can see what God is saying today. How often it is something I needed to hear at that point. We are about to go to Africa for three weeks and will miss it since Internet contact will be restricted. May we survive! Blessings
    April 15th 2010  11:45 am